Pattaya congregation delights in biking activity


Date Posted: March 12, 2022

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The “Fun Biking Day” held on February 19, 2022, by the Local Congregation of Pattaya, Ecclesiastical District of Thailand, delighted the members of the Buklod, KADIWA, and Binhi from the said congregation. The activity, organized by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO), was held at the Mabprachan Lake Park in Pattaya, Thailand.

Brother Dionisio Yting, the resident minister, enthused: “The brethren here in Pattaya were delighted. We are thankful to the Church Administration for this kind of outdoor activity.” He went on to say that Church activities “foster camaraderie, unity and love among us which are pivotal to the edification of our faith and most of all to attain success in all the works of the church that will bring glory and honor to God Almighty.”

The brethren began the activity with warm-up exercises. Afterwards, they rented bicycles from a nearby rental shop and then leisurely pedaled their way around the park. The hours the brethren spent together gave them a chance not only to do some exercise but, more importantly, strengthen their bond of brotherhood.  

“The activity in the Local Congregation of Pattaya is in line with the desire of the Church Administration that members of the Church Of Christ, from parents down to the children, take care of their health so that they can carry on their services to God,” Brother Junie Alarin, the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) district overseer, said. “For quite some time, public spaces here in Thailand were closed to the public due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Now that restrictions have eased, the brethren like other people, can now exercise outdoors and spend time with each other.” — With reports from INC News Section