Propagation of God’s words in Apid Island, Leyte continues


Date Posted: July 21, 2022

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For the fourth time, the Ecclesiastical District of Leyte West held an evangelical mission in Apid Island, almost 10 kilometers off the coast of Inopacan, Leyte, Philippines, on June 28, 2022 to proclaim the gospel of salvation to its residents.

“I thank the Iglesia Ni Cristo [Church Of Christ] so much because I was given another chance to hear the truths written in the Bible. My knowledge about God has increased,” said Juanita Ramirez, one of the islanders who again attended the Bible study. “I hope [the Church Of Christ] will come here again in the island so I can continue to listen [to God’s teachings].”

The propagational activity, which was held at the village’s covered basketball court, was part of the series of outreach-evangelical missions held in island communities across the Visayas. The Church Of Christ first held an evangelical mission in Apid Island on March 22, 2022.         

During the recent one, Brother Dan Omar Leybag, minister of the gospel, led the study of God’s words. Citing the Bible, he pointed out to the guests that the Father alone is the only true God. He quoted the Lord Jesus Christ Himself as saying that knowing this biblical truth is essential to receiving the everlasting life.

“I felt happy because I was able to listen to the teachings of God. I’m fully convinced and decided to learn more,” Evelyn Cayangho, another of the guests, expressed.

The Leyte West District has been conducting evangelical missions in the island as part of the intensified efforts of the Church Of Christ in propagating God’s words. — With reports from INC News Section and Alyza Mae Apsay