Prospective members in Davao del Sur receive baptism, promise to share faith


Date Posted: October 14, 2021

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Would-be-members from the Ecclesiastical District of Davao del Sur received baptism on September 27, 2021, granting them the spiritual graces reserved exclusively for true Christians according to the Bible.

As full-fledged members of the Church Of Christ, they now have the right and privilege to worship the true God leading to salvation through Christ.

To accommodate the number of baptismal candidates, the district designated two venues for the sacred occasion.

The district supervising minister, Brother Asterio Dedicatoria Jr., officiated at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Bala, while Brother Romel Silva, assistant district supervising minister, led the sacred occasion at the house of worship of Digos Congregation.

During the baptismal service, the officiating ministers, in their Bible-based sermon, highlighted one of the most important virtues a true servant of God should have—love for God. To show this, the ministers explained, they should never forsake their duties to Him, among which are attending the worship services and sharing their faith to others.

Among those baptized on that day, Isah Mae Leuterio, now enlisted in Bansalan Congregation said, “When I understood God’s teachings, I did not hesitate to become a Bible student. Now that I am a Church member, I promise to be active in my services and unite in all the works in the Church.”

“The recent baptisms held in the district is a manifestation of God’s love and help to the Church Of Christ. Despite the pandemic, more and more people who will worship and serve God are joining the Church,” said Brother Amado Reyes, district Light of Salvation overseer. — With reports from INC News Section