‘Reconnect’ in Hiligaynon attracts many guests in Iloilo City


Date Posted: March 8, 2022

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The Hiligaynon edition of “Reconnect: An Evangelical Mission” aired on February 23, 2022, attracted many guests in Iloilo City, Philippines. As Hiligaynon is widely-spoken in the city, brethren from the Iloilo City Local Congregation zealously united in inviting their province- and townmates to the evangelical mission.

Gathered at the congregation’s house of worship, the guests witnessed the religious program streamed on the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s official evangelical mission YouTube channel. In the program, Brother Joy Malte, a minister of the gospel, and himself a native Hiligaynon speaker, explained the truths in the Bible that convinced millions of people all over the world, many of them Hiligaynons, to join the Church Of Christ. He expounded, from the Bible, the importance of serving God inside the true Church in attaining salvation come the Day of Judgment.

In an interview, Brother Michael Garcia, a ministerial worker, gladly reported that the evangelical mission resulted in many guests’ learning about the teachings of God upheld by the Church Of Christ in a more intimate manner as the language used was their own.

“Because Hiligaynon was used [in the evangelical mission], the guests easily understood the biblical teachings that were taught to them,” Brother Garcia said. “Some of them also brought their family members so they can altogether listen to God’s teachings.”

The Iloilo City Congregation is under the supervision of the Ecclesiastical District of Iloilo South, one of the two districts in the province. — With reports from INC News Section