Role vital in children’s Christian formation, Western Europe CWS officers reminded


Date Posted: December 21, 2022

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During their special gathering on November 20, 2022, the CWS officers from the Ecclesiastical District of Western Europe received timely reminders of the weight and import of their duty in their charges’ formation into true Christians, as well as inspiration that God values those who devotedly fulfill such duty.

Brother Marvin Adriano, the district supervising minister, officiated at the special gathering conducted principally in the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Val-d’Oise. He further encouraged the CWS officers to genuinely love and care for the children under their care to be of help to the Church Administration molding them into faithful servants of God.

“As officers in Children’s Worship Service (CWS), we have an important role for the welfare of our little brothers and sisters in the Church. We remind them the words of God; reinforce in them true Christian values; and also train them up in the proper way of serving our Lord God,” said by Ronald Mendoza, CWS president of the Local Congregation of Marseille, France.

Through livestreaming, CWS officers from other local congregations, who were also gathered in their respective houses of worship, were able to hear the Bible-based sermon in the said gathering.

“As a teacher in the CWS, I learned the value of being the first to fulfill the commandments of our Lord God that we also teach the children during worship services,” remarked by Eya-Paris Alejo, a CWS teacher from Marseille Congregation. “When we do, the children will hopefully imitate us and grow up giving high regard to the commandments of our Lord God.”

“The special gathering dedicated for the CWS officers has very much inspired me as a CWS teacher. We teach children the words of God from their young age so, as they grow up, they will learn how to value their election in the Church and be saved on Judgment Day,” Dana Eor said, a CWS teacher of Bastille Congregation. — With reports from INC News Section