Romblon and Pampanga West spread God’s Message of salvation


Date Posted: February 16, 2021

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Even amid the pandemic, members of the Church Of Christ unceasingly fulfill their God-given duty to proclaim His Message of salvation as written in the Bible. Early this month, two ecclesiastical districts in Luzon, Philippines conducted evangelical missions.

One of these was the Ecclesiastical District of Romblon, which held the said evangelistic activity on February 5, 2021. The brethren from the district brought many guests they invited so that they may hear what the Bible teaches people to do to be spared on the nearing Judgment Day.

From the host site in Odiongan Local Congregation’s house of worship, the study of God’s words led by Brother Emmanuel Ramoran, assistant district supervising minister, reached all the local congregations in the district through videoconferencing.

In his Bible-based preaching, he emphasized the utmost importance of entering the true Church to be saved on the Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Advent.

Joel Gapi, a Church member from Odiongan, invited and accompanied his relatives to the evangelical mission.

“I wanted them to learn the biblical teachings we uphold in the Church Of Christ. It is also my earnest desire that we altogether serve the Lord God that will lead us to our salvation,” he said.

One of his guests and relatives, Janine Grace Gapi, said, “I am thankful to be invited to attend in the evangelical mission; the teachings of God are gradually being instilled in my heart and mind.”

In the Ecclesiastical District of Pampanga West, the online evangelical mission took place four days earlier on February 1, 2021, with the house of worship of Remedios-Lubao Local Congregation serving as the host site where Brother Randy Samson, district supervising minister, preached the holy gospel.

Prior to the Bible study, the brethren and their guests watched an INCTV special report about the eco-farming projects in South Africa streamed to their respective houses of worship or homes.

Brother Samson taught from the Holy Scriptures that if working hard and being successful in this life is important, finding and joining the true religion is far more important for it brings one to salvation on Judgment Day. — With reports from INC News Section