San Carlos City District leadership opens Nalsian Norte Extension


Date Posted: March 19, 2022

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“The Church Administration approved the establishment of this extension for more people to be brought closer to God and serve Him,” said Brother Eduardo Olipas, the district supervising minister, after leading the first worship service of the Nalsian Norte Extension, held on March 2, 2022. “We will fulfill the aim of the Administration to spread our Lord God’s words by inviting people in this place and we will all the more work to strengthen the hope and faith of our brethren here.”

Prior to the establishment of the extension, which is under the supervision of the Local Congregation of Amanperez, the brethren from Nalsian Norte had to commute or walk about seven kilometers to be able to attend worship services and other Church activities. Over time, as they unceasingly helped in proclaiming the pure gospel, more residents in Nalsian embraced the true faith and joined the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). With the growth of membership of the Amanperez Congregation, its leadership requested for the establishment of the extension.

“We are overjoyed because we now have a place of worship in our barangay. It is an honor for our family to lend a part of our house for our worship services,” said Rodrigo Medina Jr., a deacon. His residence was approved as the extension’s place of worship.

“This extension is a great blessing for us and with this more people can be called and join us in the Church. We promise to all the more dedicate ourselves in fulfilling our Church duties,” Armand de Vera, head deacon, said.

Brother Edwin Siapno, resident minister, said in an interview that with God’s help, they will strive for the extension to “become a local congregation and we will find a place where a house of worship can be built.” — With reports from INC News Section