San Miguel brethren distribute Pasugo magazines


Date Posted: January 14, 2021

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In response to the call of the Church Administration in the intensive propagation of God’s words, Church members from the Local Congregation of San Miguel, Ecclesiastical District of Isabela South, conducted a Pasugo Drive on January 5, 2021 while strictly adhering to safety protocols.

Led by the officers, the brethen handed out free copies of the Pasugo: God’s Message magazine to their friends and relatives, whom mostly are in their neighborhoods. Prior to the distribution, they gathered at the congregation’s house of worship to ask guidance from the Lord God and received instructions from the resident minister, Brother Edwin Doydoy.

More than 200 residents benefitted from the activity as they learned more about the Church Of Christ.

Brother Doydoy, said, “Through the magazine, many of the recipients learned to know the truth about the Church and gained deeper understanding on the teachings it upholds.”

The propagational activity had brought steadfastness to the brethren and officers who actively participated. At the same time, it also led the recipients of the Church’s reading materials to further the process of their membership as some of them enlisted as Bible students. — With reports from INC News Section