Sathorn brethren seek to strengthen family ties


Date Posted: April 6, 2021

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Understanding the importance of family, Church Of Christ members from Sathorn, Thailand conducted a webinar about “Ways to Strengthen Family Relationship” on March 28, 2021.

Attendees received tips on how to develop more positive and healthy family relationships. The webinar also discussed ways to keep joy and harmony within the family.

Meynard Jadoc, a head deacon, reminded the brethren about regularly conducting the INC Family Hour and the importance of fulfilling Church duties as a family.

“I learned in the activity some ways on how to strengthen family relationship by telling them how I feel, showing love and appreciation to them … In my family, whenever we have time together, we share our experiences and we also laugh together and through that we strengthen our bond as family,” Rochel Pornela, a KADIWA officer, said.

The attendees appreciated the activity, as some of them are migrant workers enduring the challenge of living far from their own families. They said that they were thankful for the support and guidance they received on how to edify their relationship with their respective families. — With reports from INC News Section