SCAN Manitoba brush up on religion-related laws


Date Posted: February 27, 2023

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In line with the commemoration of their organization’s 34th founding year, the Society of Communicators and Networkers International (SCAN) officers from the Ecclesiastical District of Manitoba attended the Basic Law Seminar held on January 22, 2023 at the Winnipeg South Local Congregation’s house of worship. Those from the local congregations in the province of Saskatchewan also attended the seminar thru livestreaming.

Brother Roland Andrade, district supervising minister, first delivered a Bible-based lecture. He taught about the importance of seeking God’s justice concerning mankind and salvation which can be found by joining the Church Of Christ.

Aspects in religious disturbance was discussed by Mr. Amado Claros, a criminal defense lawyer. Hate crimes, their nature, and the laws connected with them were detailed by Mr. Dule Vicovac II, a Winnipeg-based lawyer and Head of the Political Analysis and Reporting unit of the United Nations.

Explaining in detail, Mr. Claros talked about the concepts of self-defense, common types of assaults an individual might encounter, and the defense of a property when a disturbance arises. “Worshipers are at times subjected to different circumstances that would entail knowledge about self-defense,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vicovac informed the attendees about wrongful acts that are considered hate crimes, and the legal steps the Canadian government take to address such criminal offenses that are sometimes against some, if not just a particular, religion.

“We’ve seen over the years an increase in the number of hate crimes of all the Christian churches and worshipers throughout Canada,” said Mr. Vicovac. “We hope that the attendees will understand more what their rights are as members of a church. Hopefully, we find ways to avoid future related incidents and address them properly,” he added.

“These kinds of activities help SCAN members have better knowledge especially now that many things happen such as hate and discrimination. So, if such moments do arise during worship services, evangelical missions, and even in Care for Humanity events, our SCAN officers would be of great help in keeping our brethren and guests safe,” Brother Jeiel Robregado, district CFO overseer, said. —With reports from INC News Section