Second GWS in Honduras holds inaugural gathering


Date Posted: January 14, 2023

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The inaugural worship service of the Villanueva, Honduras GWS was held on December 25, 2022 at its place of worship in No. 10 Residential Villareal, Villanueva in Cortes, Honduras.

It is the second Group Worship Service (GWS) to be established by the Church Of Christ in Honduras, next to the first one organized in Cascadas, Choloma in April of 2021. It is under the Ecclesiastical District of Latin America, the offices of which is in Mexico City, Mexico.

“Having a GWS established in Villanueva is truly a blessing for the brethren here in Honduras,” said William Hunt, a finance officer. “It shows [the fulfillment of] God’s promises of spreading the true Church around the world. We feel God’s love by the wonders that happened.”

The momentous occasion was led by the resident minister, Brother Paul Martinez. During his Bible-based sermon, he encouraged the brethren to become more enthusiastic in participating in all the activities inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), especially in the works of propagation.

“Thanks be to God for His continued love and blessings. Also, thank you to the Church Administration for approving the request to establish the brethren here as a new GWS,” expressed Hunt. “May the Lord continue to bless us in the work of propagation so that the Church may grow more in this part of the world.” — With reports from INC News Section