Seminar in Bataan reminds brethren ‘Don’t Panic sa Pandemic’


Date Posted: May 7, 2022

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A seminar was held on April 18, 2022 in the Local Congregation of St. Francis, Ecclesiastical District of Bataan. It focused on mental health and was dubbed “Don’t Panic sa Pandemic.” Brother Emmanuel Lomat, minister of the gospel who serves as the district counselor, presided over the activity.

In the seminar, Brother Lomat defined anxiety and depression, and then discussed to the brethren the ways how they can prevent themselves from falling into such condition.

“I learned from the seminar that spending quality time with people such as our family members, the brethren, and Church officers can go a long way in preventing anxiety and depression. It was also pointed out that one who has already developed such a condition should regularly see a specialist,” Ruby Fedelino, one of the brethren who attended explained. “Regular exercise, uniting in Church activities and, most especially, prayers will help in coping with mental health concerns,” she added.

“We felt the Church Administration’s love and concern for us. We, in the congregation, are being guided in facing the problems and trials in our lives and so we really do not need to panic in the face of the pandemic,” Brother Chester Ceñadoza, resident ministerial worker, enthused. — With reports from INC News Section