Seminar on studying benefits Binhi in Thailand


Date Posted: December 5, 2021

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To help themselves lessen the pressure they feel on examination days, thus increasing their chances of getting a higher score, Binhi members from the Ecclesiastical District of Thailand attended an Exam Tips Seminar held via videoconferencing on November 20, 2021.

Sister Recil Marie Montejo, KADIWA officer from the Local Congregation of Chonburi, served as the keynote speaker. Drawing from her experiences as well as other sources, she shared with the Binhi members tips on how to study efficiently while at home amid the pandemic.

According to her, the seminar aimed for the Binhi members to “develop their own effective learning strategies that could help them achieve their goals, while boosting their self-confidence, competence, and self-esteem.”

“The time that they can save in studying could be used in attending to other activities, such as their hobbies and, most especially, all the activities launched by the Church Administration through the Christian Family Organizations (CFO),” she added.

The district CFO overseer, Brother Junie Alarin, supervised the activity. Through the Bible, he reminded the youth about the importance of gaining knowledge, not only of that which is beneficial in this life, but most of all, that which will assure them of God’s abiding love. — With reports from INC News Section