Senior citizen-ministers treated to Iglesia Ni Cristo heritage tour


Date Posted: December 22, 2022

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Ministers of the gospel who are already senior citizens, together with their respective wives, from various ecclesiastical districts of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in the Philippines were treated to a three-day heritage tour in November 2022.

“As approved by the Church Administration, ministers who have already spent many years in fulfilling their divine tasks were given a tour of historical sites significant to the history of the Church,” Brother Jerson Mabilangan, a minister from the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) office, explained in an interview.

Day 1

The senior ministers toured the Iglesia Ni Cristo Museum along Central Avenue, New Era, Quezon City on November 23. As they visited the various sections of the museum, they were able to reminisce how the Church began and then spread through the instrumentality of God’s Messenger in the last days, Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

“Before, the Church members experienced a lot of persecutions from other people. But through the help of God, the Church continues to gain more victories up until now,” said Brother Francisco Mangauang, a minister assigned from the Ecclesiastical District of Maguindanao.

Day 2

On November 24, the ministers first attended the worship service in the Central Temple and then proceeded to visit various Church edifices that were built during the time of the leadership of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the present Executive Minister. Among them were the EVM Convention Center and INC Library, both along the Central Avenue in Quezon City.

They also toured the Philippine Arena and The Garden, which are both located in Ciudad de Victoria, Bocaue, Bulacan.

Finally seeing the world’s largest indoor arena, Brother Saturnino Daniwes, a minister from Cabugao Congregation in Ilocos Sur Ecclesiastical District, said, “I’m very happy to see the beauty of the Philippine Arena, and other new edifices of the Church. I couldn’t contain my happiness knowing that I’m a member of God’s true nation.”

“It was a dream come true for me,” said Brother Paquito Desalan, a minister from Ecclesiastical District of Valencia City, Bukidnon. “I thought I can only see these edifices on television but now, I actually seen them personally. They were all wonderful.”

Day 3

On the final day of their tour, the ministers visited the Felix Y. Manalo Birthplace historical marker in Tipas, Taguig; the previous Central Office in San Juan; and the INC museum in Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila which is few blocks away from the house of worship of Punta, the Church’s first local congregation.

“We thank Brother Eduardo Manalo for conducting such activities intended for us. Through this, we truly felt how the Executive Minister truly loves us so much,” expressed Brother Servando De Piesta Esteban, a minister from the Isabela South District. — With reports from INC News Section