Silverdale GWS members go strawberry picking


Date Posted: January 14, 2022

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“As a first time [since the lockdown], we enjoyed [this activity] with the family. Together with the brethren in Silverdale, we had so much fun,” Kristian Bravo, a Buklod choir member, said.

With the start of summer in New Zealand, the members of the Silverdale Group Worship Service (GWS), Ecclesiastical District of New Zealand held a Christian Family Organizations (CFO)-sponsored outdoor activity—strawberry picking—on December 19, 2021.

Led by Brother Eraño Roxas, their resident minister, the brethren gathered at Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens, along State Highway 16, in Kumeū, Auckland for a fun-filled day of strawberry picking. It was the first time that the families belonging to the GWS were able to gather for an in-person CFO activity since the lockdown in mid-August.


“From the past lockdown, this is our first [outdoor] activity. This brought the brethren together, gave them time to socialize with one another, and strengthened the bond of brotherhood,” said Timoteo Vivas Jr., head deacon.

The brethren carefully observed the public health guidelines during the activity. — With reports from INC News Section