Virtual gathering brings joy to CWS members, parents in South Korea


Date Posted: October 18, 2021

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Their virtual gathering on October 8, 2021 brought joy to the members of the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) in the local congregations and group worship services under the South Korea Ecclesiastical District.

During the meet and greet portion, the children, under their parents’ and CWS officers’ supervision, shared with their fellow CWS members their experiences in their online classes, as well as their hobbies.

The highlight of their gathering was listening to a succinct lecture delivered by Jonas Vergel, a CWS teacher, in which they received reminders of the importance of having a strong faith in God, especially during challenging and difficult times. A question-and-answer portion ensued, reinforcing in the young retained the salient points of the lecture.

“Our family appreciates activities like this for our daughter. It gives her a chance to become more sociable and it also helps her develop spiritually,” said Roy Herrin, the head deacon of Pyeongtaek Congregation.

“My siblings and I are always looking forward to activities like this because we recognize that these activities are part of the love and compassion of God through the Church Administration for us to be edified more and be prepared for the promised salvation,” said Franz Revesencio, a CWS members from the Local Congregation of Seoul. — With reports from INC News Section