Southern Ontario District CFO Day: fair of international fares


Date Posted: May 29, 2023

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Christian Family Organizations Day in the Ecclesiastical District of Southern Ontario was a celebration of favorite foods around the world.

Despite inclement weather, families and CFOs from all congregations in the district gathered together at Mississauga Valley Park in Ontario, Canada on April 30, 2023 for the international food fair and share one another the delectable cuisines they brought.


Each congregation was assigned a national specific food to prepare. Dishes from South Korea, Thailand, U.S.A., India, Japan, Africa, Greece, China, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Vietnam, France, and Italy were assigned to the local congregations of Brampton, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, London, Milton, Mississauga East, Mississauga North, Mississauga South, Mississauga West, Niagara Falls, Norval, Oakville, and Windsor with Leamington GWS, respectively.

To encourage those who prepared the delicacies, a competition was set for the presentation and taste of the entries. A panel of judges gave the score for each congregation. 

“We had a great time having fun in this CFO activity,” Cody Villareal, district KADIWA president, enthused. “Even though it was raining heavily, everyone was able to get together and enjoy one another’s company. The brethren were able to taste different cuisines that were new to them.”

The Norval Local Congregation won the competition. Mississauga East and Niagara Falls local congregations placed second and third, respectively.

Some congregations, such as the London Local Congregation brought guests, among whom were couple Hernan and Aura Cardenas. “I saw in this Church how the brethren welcomed us,” Aura said. “I really liked the activity on how families integrate.”

“They made us feel as a family. I saw how this Church reflects union at all times,” Hernan concurred. — With reports from Sofia Acuna and Nigil Erran Anor of INC News Section