Southern Ontario District conducts evangelical mission, Care for Humanity


Date Posted: March 10, 2023

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“This evangelical mission and Care for Humanity are part of our response to the call of the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, to further intensify the work of propagating the words of God while also extending help to our fellowmen who are in need.”

Thus said Brother Raul Adalla, supervising minister of the Southern Ontario Ecclesiastical District, about the two-pronged activity on February 12, 2023, which he oversaw from the planning to the implementation stages.  

The evangelistic part of the event held inside the London, Ontario Local Congregation’s house of worship was officiated by the assistant district supervising minister. In the study of God’s words in the Bible, Brother Jay Acuña pointed out that it is only through membership in the Church Of Christ that one is redeemed with Christ’s blood and thus receive the right to serve God that leads to salvation on Judgment Day.

One of the guests, Doug Eves, a resident of London, Ontario, Canada, expressed interest in attending future evangelical missions. “I really like the lesson we’re taught. It felt fresh and real,” he said. “I wanted to listen more what really the Bible teaches … because I believe that we are in the end times and I want to be prepared to receive my salvation,” he added.

During the outreach part of the undertaking, which took place at the function hall of the congregation’s house of worship, brethren, led by ministers and ministerial workers, handed out care packages to the guests.

One of the beneficiaries, Amy Obrien, said, “It’s very heartwarming; I really enjoyed everything of it. Everybody was so friendly. It’s incredible what they do, how they help and inspire other people. I’m glad to know that many people benefited from what happened today.”

Brother Adalla conveyed, “Brethren from all over the district came and brought guests to know more about the words of God. Thus, due to the spiritual fervor of the members of the Church Of Christ and their unity with the Church Administration, this activity was a huge success.” — With reports from INC News Section