Special gathering uplifts Buklod members in Manitoba


Date Posted: January 3, 2022

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Special gatherings for married couples or Buklod members held in local congregations of the Ecclesiastical District of Manitoba on December 10, 2021 uplifted them through the words of God they received in the said occasion.

Various local congregations in the district conducted their special gathering in their respective places and houses of worship. Brethren who belong to Group Worship Services (GWS) connected remotely from their homes.

Led by Brother Sydney Santos, the district supervising minister, who officiated the special gathering held at the house worship of Winnipeg East, resident ministers officiated the Buklod special gathering at their assigned local congregations.

In the gathering, the assigned ministers taught a Bible-based lesson that gave emphasis on the important role of the parents in making their families solid in the faith by the building of a strong parental bond with their children. Buklod members were also reminded to nurture their household with love and care for their spiritual welfare. ― With reports from INC News Section