Storytelling activity teaches Roosevelt kids to care for house of worship


Date Posted: February 8, 2023

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Through a storytelling activity, the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) members from the Local Congregation of Roosevelt, Ecclesiastical District of Bataan, in the Philippines, learned how to take care for the house of worship and other Church edifices. Led by the CWS officers, the fun yet insightful activity on January 22, 2023 was held at the Montee Carlo Butel’s Residence, few blocks away from the congregation’s house of worship.

“One of our Lord God’s commandments is not let the house of worship be ruined,” Brother Jhon Peterson Pineda, resident ministerial worker who supervised the activity, said. He further explained that “the activity aims to teach the children through telling a story that maintaining the cleanliness of the house of worship is pleasing to God.”

The story booklet entitled, “Bakit Kaya?” (Why is it?), launched by Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office, was read by Jenny Rose Bitago, CWS officer, to the attendees.

The story is about Tinoy, a young kid, who is always noticed by his mother carrying rubbishes after attending worship services. Thus, his mother asks the question, “Why is it?” On the latter part of the story, it was revealed that the trashes Tinoy collected were from the house of worship after immediately cleaning it.

“We saw that the children enjoyed the storytelling while learning how to value the house of our Lord God,” Brother Pineda observed. “We thank the Church Administration for approving this activity.” — With reports from INC News Section