Talent workshop rolled out for New Jersey District INCinema film entry


Date Posted: March 1, 2023

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Aspiring for its INCinema entry this year to be teeming with artistry and Christian values, the Ecclesiastical District of New Jersey held a Talent and Script Writing Workshop at the house of worship compound of the Local Congregation of Elizabeth on February 11, 2023.


District multimedia officers facilitated the workshop. Angelica Amores, district multimedia film and video producer from Bergen Local Congregation, led a brief writing workshop. Grace Evangelista, district multimedia director, then informed the attendees know-how about INCinema production.

Meanwhile, Cathleya Fajardo-Deguzman, INC Radio producer, led the acting workshop. Brother Lowell Nucum, district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, further discussed to the participants the essence of writing.

Brother Solomon Joves, assistant district supervising minister, provided spiritual advice to the brethren, explaining that the purpose of INCinema is “to edify our fellow Christians.”

The attendees also watched a video presentation detailing the various aspects of film and film production. To all the more relate and later on apply what they just learned, they then watched “You Just Don’t Know Yet,” which is the INCinema 2021 film entry of the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West.

“I look forward to our upcoming INCinema production, if it could highlight the challenges that the youth face today while showcasing how the true faith can help God’s servants to cope and find solutions to their problems,” Angelica said. “On the actors’ part, workshops like these are important for young members as these provide an avenue for them to hone their skills and talents.”

TJ Alva, KADIWA officer from Bayonne Local Congregation, said, “Instilling Christian values is more relevant nowadays. That is why I’m excited to become part of our district’s INCinema production.” — With reports from INC News Section