Team building activity in Taipa brings together, delights brethren


Date Posted: September 8, 2021

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To edify the bond of brotherhood, brethren from the Local Congregation of Taipa, Ecclesiastical District of Macau conducted a team building activity at Hac Sa Park and beach-side on August 25, 2021.

Brother Roly Tuazon, resident minister, spearheaded the activity with the assistance of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) officers. They helped in making sure that health and safety protocols were followed throughout the activity.

The brethren collaborated to complete various tasks and also communicated well to achieve the objectives of the program. They enjoyed the activity while learning new ways in uniting to accomplish various tasks. The event started with an ice breaker followed by several group dynamics exercises including Communication Channel, and Pass The Word.

As some of the brethren are Overseas Filipino Workers, the activity gave them a chance to spend time with their fellow brethren, easing their homesickness. They thanked the Church Administration for guiding them and showing concern not just for their spiritual welfare but also for their emotional well-being. — With reports from INC News Section