Thailand Buklod conducts districtwide virtual group exercise


Date Posted: March 30, 2021

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Promoting physical activity to maintain good health amid the pandemic, the Buklod organization in the Ecclesiastical District of Thailand organized a virtual group exercise on March 20, 2021.

The activity began with a discussion of the benefits of exercising by Brother Angelo James Julaton, the Bangkok Local Congregation’s Buklod president.

Echoing Brother Julaton’s brief lecture, district Buklod president, Brother Jeff Sabug, said, “[We] encourage everyone to do regular physical activity, for it improves not only our muscle strength but also boosts our endurance. Regular physical exercise can also improve our health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases. It has immediate and long-term health benefits.”

For the exercises, the INC Production Company’s program “Fit-to-Serve,” hosted by Brother Jon Lucas from the Philippines, was utilized. It featured basic cardio exercises such as jumping jacks and squats.

Brother Sabug added, “Most importantly, regular activity can improve our quality of life … when our lung and heart’s health improve, we have more energy to tackle our daily chores.”

Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, Brother Marco Arnel Tumanan, who supervised the activity, said, “We’re always thankful to the Church Administration for approving activities like this, for us to be able to have a stronger bond in our brotherhood inside the Church, and most of all, for us to be strengthened in our faith, for us to continue our services to our Lord God.” — With reports from INC News Section