Thailand CWS members tour INC Museum virtually


Date Posted: October 6, 2021

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Using technology to help the children under their care know more about the history of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) leadership in the Ecclesiastical District of Thailand took the children from various local congregations in the district to a virtual tour of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Museum on September 25, 2021.

From their homes, the children were able to participate in the activity via videoconferencing. The CWS officers hosting the activity streamed online the official videos of the INC Museum Virtual Tour series. For their part, Louie Manuel and Ophalyn Gellongos, CWS teachers, prepared beforehand a short quiz on the highlights of the video presentations that the children answered after the activity.

During the activity, the kids learned many historical facts about the Church Of Christ, including the history of Pasugo: God’s Message magazine. Also shown to them were the different parts of the house of worship, as well as historical houses of worship in the Philippines and abroad.

The INC Museum is located along Central Avenue, New Era, Quezon City, Philippines. Inaugurated in 2019 as a part of the Centennial projects of the Church, the five-storey building houses several exhibits on the history of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). Launched in 2020, the INC Museum virtual tour project gives people, members and nonmembers alike, a chance to get a glimpse of what the museum offers. ― With reports from INC News Section