Special gatherings in Negros del Norte reinvigorate choir members’ faith


Date Posted: April 23, 2022

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Three local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Negros del Norte in the Philippines, namely, Tayasan, Canlaon City, and Guihulngan, held special gatherings for choir members on March 27, 2022. In the gatherings that were held in each of the local congregation’s house of worship, the Church officers received God’s words that reinvigorated their faith. New members of the choir also took oath during the gatherings.

Brother Mario Mabuti, the district supervising minister, officiated the gathering at the house of worship of the Tayasan Local Congregation. Meanwhile, Brothers Levi Alejandria and Clark Paraguas, ministers of the gospel, led the gatherings at the house of worship of the local congregations of Canlaon City and Guihulngan, respectively.

Guided by a Bible-based lesson, the ministers exhorted the choir members to keep their zeal in fulfilling their duty aflame even though they may encounter hindrances in this life. They reminded them of God’s expectation that, as officers in His nation in these last days, they ought to remain faithful to the Lord God by continuing to fulfill their duties and holding on firmly to their divine election.

Regine Roquia, a newly-sworn in choir member from Tayasan Local Congregation, expressed, “I am blessed for attending this special gathering and becoming a choir member. I thank the Lord God and the Church Administration because these added strength to my faith.” — With reports from INC News Section