Tokyo, Japan brethren share the true faith


Date Posted: April 10, 2022

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With great enthusiasm, Church members from the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan shared the true Christian faith that leads to true peace and salvation by inviting people to an evangelical mission on March 20, 2022.

“Despite the unusual events happening around the world, just like the recent earthquake here in Japan, the brethren showed their non-stop unity in propagating the words of God,” said Brother Manny Benedicto, district supervising minister.

Brother Benedicto led the propagational event from the Yokohama Local Congregation’s house of worship, which served as the main site. Through videoconferencing, his preaching was livestreamed to two other venues, namely, the houses of worship of the local congregations of Yokosuka and Okinawa. Other brethren participated in the evangelistic activity by sharing to their guests the weblink where they could witness the preaching of God’s words.

During the Bible study, Brother Benedicto taught the truth concerning the great importance of joining the true Church Of Christ in order to attain salvation—it is this Church that the Lord Jesus Christ will save.

“Conducting such activities to propagate our faith is indeed vital,” explained Brother Benedicto in an interview. On behalf of the brethren, he promised, “We will continue to unite with the Church Administration in the intensive work of propagation no matter what.” — With reports from INC News Section