Tokyo, Japan District aims to strengthen familial bond


Date Posted: December 27, 2021

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“In this occasion the parents and couples are being taught with our Lord God’s words, this is their guiding light for their relationship to be firm so that whatever problems might come in their lives, their trust will remain in what God can do.”

Thus said Brother Manny Benedicto, the district supervising minister of the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan, regarding the special gathering of married brethren, which he officiated on December 12, 2021.

The Buklod members gathered at their respective local congregations’ house of worship connected through videoconferencing to that of the Local Congregation of Yokohama, the host site from where Brother Benedicto led them in the study of God’s words.

Through the district minister’s preaching, the married couples received added inspiration to lead their respective families in accordance to God’s will, making their bond stronger.

“I learned that a parent’s obligation is to guide the family and strengthen the bond of the family because when the children see their parents’ good relationship and love, they also learn to show true love and respect,” said Romar Gacoscos, a head deacon in Yokohama Local Congregation.

“Attending this kind of gathering is beneficial for establishing one’s family, for raising one’s children and how to be connected in the Church,” said Osamu Takeuchi, a Buklod member and SCAN officer in the Local Congregation of Yokohama. “I’ve learned how to guide my children, the importance of being together as a family and how to be a good parent,” he added. — With reports from INC News Section