Two congregations in Iloilo host Aid to Humanity in three island communities


Date Posted: March 21, 2022

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“Led by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, our Executive Minister, the Iglesia Ni Cristo will keep on providing aid to our fellowmen [in need]. This is God’s command,” said Brother Ray Policarpio, assistant district supervising minister.

On March 4 and 8, 2022, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from the Local Congregation of Estancia, Ecclesiastical District of Iloilo North in the Philippines held Aid to Humanity events at the island communities of Bayas and Binuluangan, respectively. On March 12, their fellow brethren from the Local Congregation of Loong, also under the supervision of Iloilo North District, conducted a humanitarian event at Pan de Azucar Island.

Bayas and Binuluangan

Bayas Island lies just 25 minutes off the coast of Estancia. After the evangelical mission officiated by Brother Policarpio, the brethren from Estancia handed over relief packages to the residents. The same was done at Binuluangan.

“I thank the Lord that there is a religion instrumental in giving us aid here. It has become harder to make a living nowadays, so these relief packages will greatly help us,” said Margie Matibag, a Barangay (village) councilor in Binuluangan, who was present during the activity.

Pan de Azucar Island

Church members from Loong Congregation held an Aid to Humanity event at Pan de Azucar, an island one hour and 30 minutes off the coast. Brother Joderick Matalog, minister of the gospel, led them.

“Thank you so much for this great assistance,” Jonjie Belarde, a resident, said. — With reports from INC News Section