Two congregations in Ontario broaden brethren’s insight on hypertension, diabetes


Date Posted: May 3, 2023

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To further know about what hypertension and diabetes could do to them, brethren from the local congregations of Nepean and Capital City in Ontario, Canada attended health seminars that came with blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring on April 2 and 8, 2023.

KADIWA members in Nepean attended the seminar conducted at the function hall of their house of worship. Marcelo Jingco, deacon and pharmacist, briefly discussed to them the importance of maintaining at normal range their blood sugar level. He then checked their current blood sugar level and demonstrated how to properly conduct self-test.

“This kind of informative activity is beneficial,” Brother Edgardo Dela Cruz, resident minister, said. “It motivates the brethren to all the more take care of themselves.”

Meanwhile, in Capital City, registered pharmacists Rosoly Castro and Kristel Erpelo, served as keynote speakers of their local congregation’s health seminar dubbed “Health Information Session” that was held at their place of worship. They highlighted how their fellow brethren could be able to manage blood pressure, to prevent hypertension, and glucose level, to avoid diabetes.

“Because we use our body and strength in our services to God, thus we need to have a healthy body and mind,” Brother Ken Ryan Paluga, resident minister, explained.

“We hope that the brethren would all the more take care of their health, have proper diet, and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Jocelyn Roque, nurse and one of the facilitators, said.

The Local Congregations of Nepean and Capital City are supervised by the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, Canada, together with 10 other congregations and 10 group worship services (GWS). — With reports from Sarah Lyn Ramil of INC News Section