‘Use social media wisely’ – youth in Agusan del Norte told


Date Posted: March 8, 2023

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“Use social media wisely. Do not imitate all you see over the internet. We must be true Christians even online, that is, God’s word is our guide every time we read, like, share, and post online,” said Brother Michael Calo, resident ministerial worker of La Union Local Congregation. That was what he, together with fellow resident ministers and ministerial workers in the Ecclesiastical District of Agusan del Norte in the Philippines, highlighted during the KADIWA Forum on February 12, 2023.

Gathered at their respective houses of worship, including some brethren’s homes, the KADIWA members first watched a video presentation titled “We Are Christians All The Time Even Online.”

During the forum, ministers and ministerial workers delivered biblical advice on how true servants must safeguard themselves from the ways of the world, such as putting to good use modern technology. Although social media, they elaborated, is included among the innovations that greatly help people’s everyday life, it could also be detrimental to them when used wrongly.

“We thank God for placing the Church Administration who sees through and provides our various needs just to ensure our salvation,” Jerome Cagampang, KADIWA president of La Union Congregation, said on behalf of his fellow youth. “On our part, we will never allow modern advancements to negatively affect our faith and hinder us from serving God. We will safeguard our divine election.” — With reports from INC News Section