Washington District honors the elderly


Date Posted: March 5, 2021

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Elderly Church officers and members from the Ecclesiastical District of Washington DC felt great joy and delight with a virtual activity with their children and grandchildren called Grandparents Appreciation.

District secretary, Brother Pierre Perez, and Church officers from the local congregations of Waldorf and Patuxent River, Maryland organized the event held on February 13, 2021.

Participating grandchildren tenderly rendered musical numbers dedicated to the grandparents. Not only that, the youth also sent sweet video messages to the elderly in appreciation of their love and concern for them and their parents. Online group games added to their enjoyment, further strengthening their bond.

Inspired by the experience, Edgardo Ignacio, head deacon from the Local Congregation of Temple Hills, Maryland and a grandfather himself, said, “We are so thankful to the Church Administration for continuously guiding every member of the Church, especially the children, to uphold Christian values. Due to Covid-19, we seldom see our grandchildren in person because they are afraid that they might bring the virus to us. But, we are so blessed for such an activity although it was only done virtually, we really felt appreciated.”

Nelia Ignacio, deaconess from the same congregation, said that the messages she received from her grandchildren were heartwarming. “We consider our grandchildren as a blessing to us from God because they bring joy to us, when we see them doing well in school, treat us with respect, but more importantly when they actively perform their Church offices,” she added.

Erlinda Tayengco, from the Local Congregation of Gaithersburg, Maryland, was overjoyed as her granddaughter expressed love to her. “It was a wonderful surprise!” she enthused. “We can see how the Church Of Christ molds the youth to be thankful, and to express their appreciation. We’re so fortunate that even during the pandemic, we have activities like these to look forward to. We are always being edified in the faith in different facets of our lives. Thank you!” — With reports from INC News Section