Webinar raises awareness on blood donation among KADIWA members in Mediterranean District


Date Posted: July 13, 2022

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A webinar attended by KADIWA members from the Ecclesiastical District of Mediterranean on June 18, 2022 raised their awareness on the importance and advantages of blood donation.

The KADIWA district leadership invited Rachel Ann Echavari and Judy Ann Buada, both of whom work in the medical field, as guest speakers. In their back-to-back discussion, they shared with the attendees that donating blood saves lives and at the same time, brings several health benefits to the donor. They also advised them of the need for consulting a medical professional before donating blood.

Toward the end of the learning activity, Brother Axl Rose Mesina, district overseer of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO), reminded the brethren that helping one’s fellowmen in need, such as donating blood for medical purposes, is a Christian duty. — With reports from INC News Section