Western Europe District holds evangelical mission in Lyon, France


Date Posted: June 26, 2022

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Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from various local congregations in the country, as well as in Switzerland and Belgium, which together make up the Ecclesiastical District of Western Europe, joined hands in inviting people to the first-ever evangelical mission held in Lyon, the third largest city in France, on May 29, 2022.

The brethren traveled to Lyon, France and took time to personally see and invite over their friends and relatives who live in the city to listen to the teachings of God written in the Bible.

Brother Marvin Adriano, district supervising minister, led the said propagational activity held at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Through the Holy Scriptures, he pointed out the indispensability of joining and remaining in the true Church Of Christ to receive salvation on the imminent Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Brother Daniel Pinnock, the district Light of Salvation (LOS) overseer, disclosed that it is the Church Administration that initiated the holding of the “evangelical mission held here in the city of Lyon … to bring the words of God to the people living here.”  

“I’m so happy that I was here and met all of you. I want to know what must be done [to be saved]; what Iglesia Ni Cristo really is,” expressed Marilou Benedito, one of the guests.

“We will not stop spreading the words of our Lord God. Apart from Lyon, we are set to go to other cities here in France,” declared Brother Adriano. “Our prayer is that with God’s help and mercy, more people here in France will be able to return to our Lord God by joining the Church Of Christ.” — With reports from INC News Section