Youth from District of Spain commemorates KADIWA, Binhi anniversary


Date Posted: November 18, 2022

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“We were reminded of how the youth of the Church should show their love for their fellow members just as how the Church Administration does so for all Church Of Christ members,” shared Carol Czerny Licud, KADIWA president of the Local Congregation of Barcelona, after she attended the special gathering for members of the KADIWA and Binhi organizations.

Held in commemoration of the 49th anniversary of the KADIWA and Binhi organizations, the special gathering, which was held on October 16, 2022, was attended by the youth from various local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Spain. The house of worship of Madrid served as the host site; other local congregations connected via videoconferencing.

The attendees were reminded by Brother Froilan Enriquez Jr., district supervising minister, through a Bible-based lesson, to be spiritually strong and overcome all sinful pleasures of the world. This, he reminded them, is embodied in the current theme of the Church’s endeavors which is “God’s Elect Strive to Live in Holiness.”

One of the attendees, Kathrina Benneth Jimenez, expressed, “I thank the Lord God for giving us a Church Administration who loves and cares for us, the youth members of the Church. Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, our Executive Minister, tirelessly teaches us to live a Christian way of life and to always follow God’s teachings.”

KADIWA is the organization of unmarried members of the Church, who are 18 years old or above. Binhi is that of baptized members who are 12 to 17 years old.

Through these organizations, the Church Administration launches activities for the youth guiding them towards a bright future and keeping them strong in the faith. — With reports from INC News Section