Youth from Mediterranean District enlightened about mental health


Date Posted: November 15, 2022

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KADIWA members from the Ecclesiastical District of Mediterranean found the online seminar on mental health awareness for them both timely and informative. The said activity was held on October 23, 2022 through videoconferencing.

Ariel Ismael, a Church member and a licensed psychiatrist based in Guam, served as a resource speaker. He discussed to the brethren the importance of having mental health awareness in order to have a good overall wellness. He also shared with the attendees ways on how to cope with stress and depression.

Before the seminar concluded, Brother Milson Capuno, the ministerial worker who supervised the activity, encouraged the KADIWA members to entrust their burdens to God as they deal with life’s struggles.


“Because of the events that are taking place in the world, people experience uncertainties and this cause anxiety and stress. Since the Church Administration is so concerned for the welfare of the brethren, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo exhorts us to have a positive outlook by always worshiping and serving our God and trusting in what He can do for us,” he said.

One of the attendees, Rachelle Echavari, a KADIWA officer from Jerusalem, Israel Congregation, said that the seminar “helps us better understand ourselves. To achieve a good state of mind, I’ll strive to maintain a healthy habit such as getting regular exercise, practicing gratitude, and maintaining strong connection with my friends, family, and especially to our Almighty God.”

The seminar “made us more sensitive of the feelings of the people around us especially our loved ones and friends. We are even more eager to show compassion to our fellowmen and strengthen our bond with them,” said Judith Imus, district KADIWA president. — With reports from INC News Section