Zhubei brethren clean Xinfeng Beach


Date Posted: May 5, 2023

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To help their community in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of their surroundings, Buklod and KADIWA members from the Local Congregation of Zhubei, Ecclesiastical District of Taiwan, joined efforts in conducting a coastal clean-up activity in Xinfeng Beach, Hsinchu City, Taiwan on April 8, 2023.

Upon picking up litter, the brethren properly disposed of it in the sacks that they also brought with them. “We volunteered in this activity to show our concern and to preserve the beauty of the environment. For us, taking part in community service is also our way of showing unity with the Church Administration which launches relevant activities like this,” said Jefferson Erese, head deacon.

“Being parents, we want to be good examples to our young members,” said Carloyd Vicente, also a head deacon. About why the congregation’s leadership chose the said beach to be the event’s venue, he said that right after the socio-civic activity, “we could bond as well here, just like the many families who often visit here.”

The Zhubei Congregation holds worship services, among other religious gatherings and activities, at their place of worship along Zhongtai Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. — With reports from Edlysse Lou Garcia of INC News Section