Australia East, West meet for inter-district Unity Games


Date Posted: July 3, 2024

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For the INC Unity Games, delegates from congregations in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and as well as those from Papua, New Guinea—under the supervision of the Ecclesiastical Districts of Australia East and Australia West—met on June 10, 2024, at the Eagle Stadium along Ballan Road, Werribee, Victoria, Australia.

Christian Family Organizations (CFO) officers of both districts collaborated in organizing the sporting event. It started with the athletes’ parade of colors. Then, Brother Seth Gutierrez, supervising minister of Australia East District, gave the opening remarks. He commended the efforts of all brethren who, despite the distance, participated in the event to show their solidarity with the Church Administration. It was followed by a prayer led by Brother Rojel Ferdinand Jaraza, CFO overseer of Australia West District.

Afterwards, the players took their oath of sportsmanship before heading to designated courts and venues for the games proper.

“Unity and camaraderie are important not just in everyday life but also in playing games,” said Joseph Del Rosario, head deacon in Melbourne, Victoria Congregation, who came for this event with his family. “The brethren, as they play, get to know more of one another; this event is for the bonding and strengthening of the brotherhood,” he added.

The 38 teams from the two districts competed in group games of badminton (doubles), basketball, and volleyball, and also in individual games of chess and badminton (singles).

“It’s a blessing to play in this INC Unity Games and foster sportsmanship as well as meeting other brethren in the country,” said Kirsten Yu, Binhi president from Kellyville, New South Wales Local Congregation and a volleyball player.

“Being able to take part in the INC Unity Games today has been a very delightful experience for me, as I’ve seen how competitive other brethren in various local congregations were,” expressed Charl Gacus from the Local Congregation of Port Adelaide, Australia West, who represented his district in badminton doubles.

The winners of the games are as follows:

Basketball – Children’s Worship Service (CWS) – South Australia (Australia West)

  • Binhi – New South Wales 1 (Australia East)
  • KADIWA – New South Wales 3 (Australia East)
  • Buklod – Victoria 1 (Australia West)

Men’s volleyball – New South Wales 1 (Australia East)

Women’s volleyball – New South Wales 2 (Australia East)

  • Binhi – Australia East

Chess – Ben Galvez – Australia East

Men’s badminton – Binhi single – Matthew Muscat – Australia West

  • KADIWA single – Adrian Inductivo – Australia West
  • KADIWA double – Adrian Inductivo and King Cyrick Jabadan – Australia West
  • Buklod Single – Jim Duc Lu – Australia West
  • Buklod double – Michael Sonny Angeles and Mikko Anilao – Australia West
  • Buklod Mixed double – Romie Cartalaba and Leonida Cartalaba – Australia West


Women’s badminton – Binhi single – Shiela Mae Inductivo – Australia West

  • Binhi double – Kizian Nacor and Shayne Cabrera – Australia West
  • KADIWA single – Thricia Kate Abian – Australia East
  • KADIWA double – Wendy Manalo and Liberty Dait – Australia East
  • Buklod single – Quenie Dyn Balbon – Australia West
  • Buklod double – Maryann Yambao and Kristel Briones – Australia West


“The purpose of this activity is not only to cater the brethren’s interest in sports, thereby strengthening camaraderie, but above all to continue giving glory to God,” shared Brother Jaraza. “The brethren were happy being able to see each other, for it’s been a long time since brethren from different states in Australia gathered in one place. At the end of the day, despite the sports competitions, we remain united.” — With reports from Gazel Joy Thompson and Jennelin Guanzon of INC News Section