Baptisms held in Australia, New Zealand


Date Posted: April 23, 2024

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In Australia and New Zealand, the last week of March 2024 saw the baptism of new converts into the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) as a result of the sustained efforts of the local congregations in those countries in the work of propagating the pure gospel of salvation.

On March 22, 2024, the Ecclesiastical District of Australia East administered a baptism at the house of worship of the Sydney Congregation. During the service prior to the baptism proper, Brother Seth Gutierrez, district supervising minister, taught the candidates for baptism that the Lord God expects those whom He called into the true Church to lead their lives as true Christians that is in total obedience to Him.

Nine days later, on March 31, the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West administered baptisms at the houses of worship of the local congregations of Melbourne and Perth. Brothers Noli Esperanza and Felix Santos, assistant district supervising ministers, officiated at each gathering, with the former at Melbourne, and the latter at Perth.

Among other essential truths taught to them, the baptismal candidates were encouraged to remain steadfast and prayerful that they may receive the strength from God Who called them into the true service in the Church that will be saved by Him through Christ.

New Zealand
In the Ecclesiastical District of New Zealand, baptisms were held on March 25 and 30, 2024 at the houses of worship of the Auckland Congregation and the Hastings Congregation, respectively.

Both occasions were officiated at by Brother Dennis Dahunan, district supervising minister. In the gathering held prior to would-be members’ oath-taking and actual baptism, he emphasized to them the great blessing from God they were about to receive as Church Of Christ members that is the firm hope of salvation on Judgment Day.

“I feel so blessed,” said Edieson Rueras, one of those newly baptized from the Bankstown Local Congregation, Australia East District. “It is important to more people know the truth and become members of the Church Of Christ especially now that the end is near, so that whatever happens, they will also be sure of being saved.”

Brother Khevin Villanueva, minister of the gospel assigned in the New Zealand District acknowledged that the Church continues to grow because “God continues to guide and help the entirety of the Church.” He added that he and brethren in the district would continue to do their part “to win people to join the Church Of Christ … to be together with us in receiving eternal life come the day of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  — With reports from Jennelin Guanzon and Roxanne Rosquita of INC News Section