‘Be strong in the faith,’ Caviteños exhorted in special gathering


Date Posted: July 1, 2024

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“Be strong in the faith,” said Brother Eraño S. Codera, a minister of the gospel sent by the Church Administration, during the special worship service he officiated on June 22, 2024. It was mainly held at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Noveleta, and livestreamed to 62 remotes sites in the district.

“We celebrated the 92nd anniversary of our district during our worship service today. We are so joyous for our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, remembered our district. He sent one of his primary helpers to edify our faith: to always trust in God like what the pioneer members in the district did amid all challenges they faced in the nascent years of the Church here,” said Brother Larry Failano, assistant supervising minister of the Ecclesiastical District of Cavite, Philippines.

Brother Codera first greeted the brethren for their district’s anniversary. From the Bible, he then taught that the best course of action during times of hardships is to turn to the Almighty God for help through earnest prayers.

“Our district is witness to various victories that God gave and continues to provide. Time and again, He fulfills His promises to His Church. The brethren here, generations after generations, uphold their firm faith in what God can do for them. We were exhorted to further furnish our trust to the Father for as long as we live,” attested Brother Manuel Santos, the district supervising minister.

The officiating minister also preached that members of the true Church must be brave when faced with tribulations. They have to stand their ground, ever strong in the faith, which is all the more possible if they remain obedient to God’s will.

“My duties to God are my inspiration in life,” shared Yolonda Alix, a choir member in Noveleta Congregation. “It’s been proven many times that when I’m downcast and tired, God is always ready to help me as I remain firm in my faith and hope. I will not let my zeal to waver.”

Brother Codera then exhorted the brethren to do what is always pleasing to the Father, that is, making sure that whatever they do is in accordance with His will.

“We promise to be always one with the Church Administration in pleasing our Lord God. We will march on for the years to come full of hope and activeness in our faith,” Brother Santos said on behalf of the district. — With reports from INC News Section