CBI gathering in Batangas: obedience to God is top priority in life


Date Posted: July 4, 2024

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“Remain obedient to all of God’s commands in order to reap success and above all, salvation come Judgment Day,” Brother Ramir Pabalate Sr., supervising minister of the Ecclesiastical District of Batangas North in the Philippines, highlighted during the special gathering at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of New Era on June 29, 2024.

Brother Pabalate also exhorted everyone, during his biblical preaching, to put their complete trust in God by always casting to Him their concerns and needs in life.

It was held in time for the 55th anniversary of the Christian Brotherhood International (CBI), the youth organization within the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) that has for its members high school and college students. More than 300 CBI students from 43 schools within the jurisdiction of the district gathered at the said special gathering.

After the special gathering, a career planning and development seminar followed. Myla Manalo, a Ph.D. degree holder in Education, who is also a choir member and Buklod district secretary from the Local Congregation of Rosario, served as the guest speaker. She provided the students career guidance that will help them achieve their goals in life.

Gianah Lorin Soriano, CBI district secretary, from the Local Congregation of Talisay, enthused, “I can truly feel the love and concern of the Church Administration for all the youth in the Church. Today’s activity serves as an effective way of reminding us to trust in God and rely on Him, so that we can ensure success in all our goals in life.”

“I thank God for the inspiration I received today during the special gathering,” said Robert Punzalan, the first vice director of CBI from Tambo Congregation. “It truly edifies my faith and helps me set clear goals in life,” he added.

Carl Justine Evora, from the Local Congregation of Pusil, stated, “I am truly grateful to the Church Administration for always guiding us to the right direction. I promise to continue being obedient to God as I pursue my goals in life. In doing so, I can remain in the Church and receive salvation at Christ’s second return.” — With reports from Leona Nadine Banaira