Christian Family Youth Summit 2024 held worldwide


Date Posted: June 23, 2024

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On May 31, 2024, the Christian Family Youth Summit, which the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office hosts annually, was held in all ecclesiastical districts. This year, the theme of the activity is “Faith as your mindset.”

For the said occasion, the CFO and the INC Media Services collaborated in producing a video featuring a discussion about faith and mental health. Thus, it not only addressed some of the most pressing issues affecting today’s youth, such as social conformity, sadness, and depression. It also reminded the youth to put their unwavering trust in the Lord God by holding on firmly and obeying His words.

Upon watching the said presentation at respective houses of worship, as supervised by the district leadership, resident ministers and ministerial workers, youth members from around the world were not remiss in sharing their reflections and expressions of fortified faith.


“Although the topic is very stigmatized, as most people feel very shy and a lot of shame talking about [their true feelings],” said Jobell Huertas, associate therapist and active KADIWA member in Burlingame, California, “but this activity has encouraged the youth to express their feelings to one another as a means of coping with sadness and depression.”

“The activity has been helpful to my mental health. It has provided me a reminder on how to properly approach various kinds of social issues,” said Alyssia Fermin, a Children’s Worship Service (CWS) president of San Gabriel Valley Congregation, Orange County Ecclesiastical District.

“The conversations in the video really impacted me and my peers,” said Isaiah Cañete of the Local Congregation of East Jacksonville, Florida.

The biblical verses were highlighted to address the social issues that affect the youth which, if not dealt properly, may lead to trauma. Consequently, such cases “can lead to post-traumatic growth. Then there’s the [biblical] verse about that being part of spiritual refining process (I Peter 4:12-13). That is exactly what I needed to hear,” shared Arlyn Ramos, a choir member and part of INC Media Services in Honolulu Congregation.

Regarding the circumstances when there are those who do not get right away what they are aspiring for, Melanie Lingat, the KADIWA president and choir member in Scarborough Congregation, Eastern Ontario District, remembered the part of discussion in the video presentation, which states, “God is making you wait because He has something better for you in the future.”

KADIWA president and choir organist in Langley Congregation, British Columbia District, Jazel Faltado said, “There are many ways to improve our mental health and get us out of what we’re experiencing. Our INC Giving activity, where we help those in need, is an instant mood lifter.”


“The youth summit did not only inspire me. It has also enlightened me that life is never hopeless if one is a member of the true Church Of Christ,” said Claudia Rose Mauricio, Binhi vice president of Port Moresby, Australia West District. She added that she will encourage her fellow youth to “always be prayerful. Let our faith be our mindset, for us to remain steadfast in our God-given calling.”

Fun and interactive activities right after the video presentation were also actively participated in by the youth members, including would-be members and guests. “It’s a good experience to interact with the brethren,” said Mark Hartley, doctrinal instructee in the Local Congregation of Townsville, Australia East District.


In the Ecclesiastical District of Spain, the young members also brought along guests. Sakiko Tashiro, a guest of Barcelona Congregation, stated, “The activity was very good and educational. It reminds me to be more mindful in using social media platforms; and encourages me all the more to have faith in God.”

Nicole Marie Jimenez from the same congregation shared, “I feel inspired, acknowledged, understood, and seen by the Church Administration by tackling these kinds of topics, such as mental health.”


“Sadly, there are people who have taken their own lives due to extreme sadness or depression. Thus, the guidance provided in addressing that and other issues is immensely valuable,” said Monique Aira Natividad, a KADIWA member in the Local Congregation of Jackson, Makati District. “On my part, I will place my trust wholly in God.”

“The video presentation reminded me that no one is exempt from experiencing sadness,” said Heinzel Villamor of Sacramento Congregation, Makati District. “Fortunately, Church Of Christ members are taught God’s words during worship services, during which we’re reminded to be prayerful, and always trust in what God can do to their lives.”

Among the timely insights provided during the summit were biblical advices, such as being responsible in whatever the brethren will do, even online. For that John David Mandapat from the Local Congregation of San Juan, in Metro Manila East District, was “very happy that the Church Administration launched this kind of activity.” He even affirmed “to become more responsible in using social media platforms.”

“I will always place my complete trust and hope in God, and I will continue as an active member of the Church,” affirmed Rhianne Ambrielle Pangilinan, a Binhi member in Molave Congregation, in Tarlac City, Tarlac District.

“The Church Administration always ensures that all members, particularly the youth, are guided by God’s words so that they will not be influenced by wickedness in this world,” observed doctrinal instructee Mary Nichole Misa, of the same aforementioned congregation. “That has further inspired me to strive becoming a Church Of Christ member.”

A timely concern

“Many young people nowadays feel and say they are not being heard about their problems and emotions,” said Brother Matthew Capistrano, supervising minister of San Diego County District, “but with this activity, the Church’s youth has found inspiration, love and understanding from what they are going through. May they remain firm in their faith and services to God.”

“I can truly feel the love and concern of the Church Administration for us,” said Hazen Love Abo-abo, KADIWA member in Macasing CongregationPagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur District. “Through this activity that they launched, all of us youth have been guided to live in a Christian way of life for the sake of our salvation on Judgment Day.” — With reports from INC News Section