Congregations under District of Micronesia share the faith


Date Posted: June 22, 2024

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All the local congregations under the Ecclesiastical of Micronesia held simultaneous evangelical missions on June 7, 2024. The brethren were able to bring more than 400 guests.

“I realized how important true religion is,” said Zyle Tang Calagen from Saipan, Marianas Islands. She attended an evangelical mission that was held at the place of worship of the Local Congregation of Guam, Ecclesiastical District of Micronesia.

Brother Joven Sepillo Jr., district supervising minister, led the evangelical mission at Guam; Brother Julius Malabanan at San Jose, Saipan; resident ministers and ministerial workers at the rest of the local congregations. They preached a lesson attesting to the necessity of the true Church Of Christ for one’s salvation. In their preaching, they also pointed out the importance for people already in the true Church to be watchful and vigilant against the devil’s schemes, so that they can be saved on Judgment Day.

When asked about the lesson, Calagen, added, “The lesson was really timely. It’s getting harder to live in the world. The words from the Bible are really comforting and gave me a sense of direction in my life.”

“I was reminded to be cautious and not to follow the world’s norms in order to avoid falling prey of the devil’s wiles,” shared Neraw Karel, a guest of Garapan, CNMI Congregation, one of the 55 individuals who enlisted as doctrinal instructees. Through the Bible, “It was made certain that I will receive salvation by adhering to God’s instructions, such as joining the true Church,” she added.

The brethren made the necessary preparations days prior to these simultaneous events, such as “handing out invitations and copies of the Pasugo: God’s Message magazine,” attested Brother Timothy Camba, the district Light of Salvation overseer.

“Even though the Church members in our district live in remote places, but their efforts to please God never wanes,” said Brother Sepillo. On their behalf, he added, “We will continue to dedicate our lives to please the Father. We will always be zealous especially in sharing the truth about salvation.” — With reports from Brit Ashley Malabanan of INC News Section