Extension in CAMANAVA becomes a full-fledged local congregation


Date Posted: May 21, 2024

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“The establishment of the Local Congregation of Sampaguita is a clear manifestation of God’s evident help to the works of the Church in our district,” affirmed Brother Bedan Ubaldo, supervising minister of the Ecclesiastical District of CAMANAVA, in the Philippines. He officiated the first worship service of the youngest local congregation in the district on May 4, 2024.


Formerly an extension of the Local Congregation of North Diversion, the Local Congregation of Sampaguita has its place of worship located at No. 54 Sampaguita Street, Barangay 156 East, Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City.

“We here are exceedingly happy that the Church Administration approved our elevation to local congregation status. I’m all the more inspired to continue fulfilling my Church duties to please God,” said Alice Liwanag, a deaconess.

Brother Ubaldo emphasized during his preaching that members of the true Church should remain true to their faith. They could do so by being obedient to all the commands of God. He also pointed out that the Lord God expects the brethren to care for and maintain the place of worship. He also reminded them that God is always ready to hear their plea specially during the worship services.

“Our Father gave fruition to the efforts of the brethren in this area to share the true gospel thus bearing abundant fruit. All the praise we give unto God,” Brother Ubaldo added. “Not only are brethren here so eager to take part in the Church works but also their utmost trust in God has been evident having conducted their devotional prayers prior to this day they’ve been waiting for.”

“As we show gratitude to God, we also promise to remain ever active in all the Church endeavors. We will be fervent in sharing the gospel. We will be zealous in performing our Church duties. We firmly believe that doing those are pleasing to God,” said Loreto Raza Jr., the head deacon, on behalf of the congregation. — With reports from Rosanna Ramos of INC News Section