For PNK’s 106th anniversary Makati District edifies officers


Date Posted: June 27, 2024

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In commemoration of the Pagsamba ng Kabataan (PNK) or Children’s Worship Service’s (CWS)’s 106th anniversary, the Ecclesiastical District of Makati, in the Philippines, held a special gathering at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Pasay on June 3, 2024.

A total of 1,452 PNK officers from all the 24 local congregations and two extensions in the district gathered for the occasion that was officiated by Brother Diosdado Dades, the district supervising minister.

After the opening prayer led by Brother Jay Angelo Agustin, the district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, Brother Dades expounded on the importance of wholeheartedly fulfilling Church duties, especially as PNK officers are expected to look after the spiritual welfare of the younger brethren.

“I’m grateful for once more I’ve been strengthened in the faith,” Sheryl Cortez, a PNK officer from the Local Congregation of Sacramento, said.

Rich Salvanera, a PNK teacher from the Local Congregation of Better Living, said, “This special gathering is important especially to us, PNK officers. We’ve been edified in the faith, which we so need as we take care of the youth in the Church Of Christ.”

“We strengthen the youth members through our visitations and delivering to them instructions from the Church Administration. This time, we’re the ones being strengthened in the faith, so that we can continue upholding our sworn duty amid problems in life,” said Carla Guanzon, also a PNK teacher, from the Local Congregation of Evangelista. — With reports from Gorgeanne Orellana of INC News Section