INC students commemorate CBI 55th anniversary, hold Unity Camp


Date Posted: March 1, 2024

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Part of the commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the Christian Brotherhood International (CBI), the Christian Family Organization (CFO) which caters to Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members who are high school and college students, students in various ecclesiastical districts in the Philippines held an INC Students Unity Camp.

In the Ecclesiastical District of Central, more than a thousand students from the district’s 55 CBI chapters gathered in the covered court of New Era University along Central Avenue, New Era, Quezon City on February 3, 2024. Creative booths dubbed “CBI University” showed to the attendees the kind of values expected of them. A program including a lineup of performances featuring Iglesia Ni Cristo Original Music was held. To conclude the event, graduates who were CBI officers during their years of studying shared their insights and experiences to the current students through a segment dubbed “CBI Alumni Talks.”

A week after, 534 students from the 26 established chapters in the Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City held the same activity at the gym of Diliman Preparatory School along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. Joining them were INC students from 15 schools wherein CBI chapters are yet to be formally established. The students flocked to the prepared booths, and interacted with one another through team building activities. A program which included a singing competition and band performances was also held.

“Despite the hot weather, the busy schedule of a student on a school day, and going to a location that may be far for others, the smiles and expressions of the attendees tell that they are happy and fulfilled,” said Aldrei Vohn Aquino, district CBI director of the Ecclesiastical District of Central.

“Through the activities held as part of the Unity Camp, students were able to know the CBI committees and how these can help them become successful in their studies while keeping the true faith within them,” stated Cristy Valdez, district CBI directress of Quezon City Ecclesiastical District. “Upon taking part in the Unity Camp, many of the attendees expressed their interest to become CBI officers in their respective chapters.”

“I all the more learned the value of unity and love of brotherhood. There may be obstacles in conducting an activity as large as this … but the unity and brotherhood of Iglesia Ni Cristo members are guided by God’s teachings taught through the Church Administration. Through God’s help, we are certain of success,” Aquino added.