Menifee Congregation: Latest addition in San Diego County, California District


Date Posted: April 25, 2024

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The Local Congregation of Menifee, named after a city in Riverside County, California, United States, where it is located, has been the latest addition in the Ecclesiastical District of San Diego County, California. Its inaugural worship service was held on April 7, 2024.

The highlight of the momentous gathering was the biblical preaching of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the Church’s Executive Minister, which the brethren witnessed via videoconferencing.

The Executive Minister taught the Church members that they must all the more fight for the true faith, ever resisting the devil’s wiles that will endanger their membership in the true Church.

Members of the new congregation used to attend worship services with the Local Congregation of Temecula Valley, California. Back then, they would have to travel for about 16 miles just to reach the house of worship. It should have been just 20 minutes away if not for rush-hour traffic jams that tripled the travel time, at times longer.

“It’s really wonderful for brethren to be able to attend worship services that is more accessible to them,” said Brother Matthew Capistrano, district supervising minister.

Not that distance was ever a deterrent but having been gifted a nearer place of worship, brethren from Menifee are now also all the more able “to share their faith. They will continue to be active in the works of propagation,” said Brother Jared Paskewic, resident minister in Temecula Valley.“With God’s help, more of our fellowmen here in Menifee will be called into the true Church,” added Jeff Quarles, head deacon in Menifee.

“It is such an immense blessing for us to be the pioneering members in this part of the world. We promise to take every opportunity to share the good news so that in this booming community of Menifee, the word of salvation would be made known to many more people. We will remain dedicated in our services to God and strive to do the works that are pleasing to Him,” said Brother Christian Benedict Co, the resident ministerial worker, on behalf of the new congregation. — With reports from INC News Section