More new converts receive baptism in the “Eternal City”


Date Posted: April 24, 2024

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More new members were added in Rome, Italy, after their baptism at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Rome on March 31, 2024. Brother Dyland Ramos, supervising minister of Italy South Ecclesiastical District, officiated at the baptismal gathering.

In his homily, Brother Ramos underscored to the baptismal candidates what God expects from them who would be receiving the true baptism: embrace a new way of life, among other ways of being obedient to God’s will, just as how Christ did, to secure salvation upon His return.

Following the sermon, candidates for baptism took their oath of membership before being immersed into the water.

Analiza Baculi, one of the newly baptized members from Rome Congregation, expressed her gratitude to God “for His servants who have been instrumental to lead [her] to the true religion.” On her part, she promises: “I will continue devoting my entire life to serving Him, such as propagating His teachings to nonmembers.”

“I’m filled with joy as I’ve received the true baptism. I pledge to fully submit myself to God and serve Him faithfully until the end to receive the promised salvation,” enthused Lenie Cueto, a newly baptized member from Roma Est Congregation.

This baptism was made possible with God’s help to “the collective efforts of the faithful in the work of propagation,” attested Brother Ronaldo Flor, the district Light Of Salvation (LOS) overseer, adding on behalf of the brethren, “We offer our heartfelt gratitude to our Lord God.” — With reports from INC News Section