Mountain-side house of worship captivates motorists, residents in Mahaplag, Leyte

Date Posted: June 14, 2024

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MAHAPLAG, Leyte — Nestled amidst the slopes of a mountain in Barangay Cuatro de Agosto, the worship building in the Congregation of Crossing Mahaplag, Ecclesiastical District of Leyte West is drawing attention from both residents and passing motorists.

“Malayo pa lang ay nakita na namin, napakalaki at napakaganda ng sambahan [Even from afar, we could already see how big and beautiful the worship building is],” says Estela Poliño, one of the residents who live nearby.

Meanwhile, the elevated location of the building allows people there to enjoy the beauty of its surroundings and the scenic view.

The newly-renovated edifice was dedicated on May 25, 2024 through a worship service officiated by Brother Marvin Garlitos, District Minister. 

“Para po sa mga kaanib sa Iglesia Ni Cristo, ang pagkakaroon po ng maayos at magandang gusaling sambahan ay nakapagbibigay po ng ibayong sigla, ng kalakasan, at tibay ng loob sa mga kapatid. [For members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, having a well-built and beautiful house of worship gives spiritual vigor, strength, and resilience for the brethren],” said Brother Marvin Garlitos.

The Church Administration of the INC makes every effort to ensure that all its worship buildings are constructed and upheld in good condition, aesthetically pleasing, and compliant with safety standards, wherever houses of worship can be seen.

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