Multiple activities mark 110th anniversary of Tipas Congregation


Date Posted: May 22, 2024

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Included among the pioneer local congregations established in 1914, the Local Congregation of Tipas, Ecclesiastical District of Metro Manila East, in the Philippines, commemorated its 110th anniversary through a series of activities held on April 12, 16, and 26, 2024.

Church members there attended a special gathering, invited guests for an evangelical mission, and strengthened brotherly bond during a socializing event on said dates, respectively. They were led by Brother Emerson Alimagno, resident minister, who organized the said activities with assistance from Brother Dan Roman Raqueño, the local congregation’s Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, resident ministerial workers, and Church officers.


Special gathering
Brother Gerino Lalata, district supervising minister, officiated the special gathering that was held on April 12, 2024 at the congregation’s house of worship. In the Bible-based homily, he reminded all in attendance that commemorating their milestone anniversary must inspire them to all the more uphold their divine election, which Church Of Christ members received because God called His messenger in these last days, Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

“I felt so much joy that our local congregation has reached 110 years. I’m always thankful to our Lord God that this local congregation was instrumental on my having received the true faith,” said Rey Oli, the congregation KADIWA president. He added that he felt blessed that their village, Tipas, is in the city of Taguig, which “has a historical significance to the Church being the birthplace of Brother Felix Manalo.”

Evangelical mission
Four days after their special gathering, the Church members united in conducting an evangelical mission at their house of worship on April 16—the exact 110th anniversary of their congregation.

Brother Jeavon Caster Zoleta, district Light Of Salvation (LOS) overseer, taught a biblical lesson to more than 90 guests about the importance of serving God in the true Church that is the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).

“The Church Of Christ really is an important factor in serving God because this is where man can truly serve Him as attested to in the Bible,” said Leema Dasmarinas, a guest.

“I look forward to learn more about the biblical teachings upheld in the Church Of Christ,” said another guest, Jacob Busque.

The anniversary commemoration culminated with a socializing event at Cayetano Covered Court in Barangay Ligid-Tipas, Taguig City on April 26, 2024. There showcased were choral performances of Iglesia Ni Cristo original music by talented brethren.

“Being a part of this important anniversary celebration is a great blessing,” said Danielle Alyson Alimagno, one of the performers. “I’m inspired to remain active in uniting with the Church activities.”

The Church members also reminisced the history of their local congregation through an audio-visual presentation. “I saw the growth of the Church here in Tipas,” said 79-year-old Flerida Silvestre, an active Buklod member. “Although we were persecuted, the Church eventually gained respect in our place today as a fulfillment of God’s promise to His Church,” she added.

“Youth members in the Church must imitate the elderly members who remain firm in their hope to our Lord God and in His promises,” said Brother Lalata, who graced the event with his presence. “Even if there were extraordinary and dangerous situations, pioneering members remained faithful in obeying God’s will and by the side of Brother Felix Manalo, God’s Messenger in these last days, which they continuously uphold with the present Church Administration.” — With reports from INC News Section