Newly formed Queensland District holds first evangelical mission


Date Posted: June 28, 2024

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On June 23, 2024, eight days after the Ecclesiastical District of Queensland, Australia was formally established, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members there united in holding its first evangelical mission. All of the district’s 10 local congregations and 8 group worship services (GWS), actively participated. The brethren accompanied their guests to the auditorium of Life Centre in Brisbane City for the event.

Due to the rapid expansion of the Church in the region brought by the continuous increase of membership in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia East, the Church Administration approved on June 15, 2024 that from a portion of Australia East District, a new district be formed—the Ecclesiastical District of Queensland, Australia; and consequently, Australia East be renamed into the Ecclesiastical District of New South Wales, Australia. Hence, the local congregations and GWS forming the now Ecclesiastical District of Queensland, Australia were formerly part of the then Ecclesiastical District of Australia East.

Brother Orlando Macayan, district supervising minister, officiated the occasion. He expounded the biblical truth that the Father is the one true God—not the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. In his preaching, he presented biblical proofs against the belief on the so-called Trinity.

Jeremiah Damuna, guest, shared that he “found the preaching very unique because the minister taught straight from the Bible.” While another guest, Sarah Guise, said that the lesson taught “opened up my eyes about God, because [in my current religion,] we were always taught about the trinity.”

Afterwards, brethren and guests witnessed a musical presentation prepared by members from various local congregations which featured INC Original Music. “I felt very welcome and … the brethren are talented when it comes to singing,” said Robert Tierra, guest.— With assistance from Glenn David